7 Reasons Why Asphalt is the Best Option for a Business Parking Lot 

In the business world, first impressions are vital. You can’t reasonably expect customers or clients to spend money at your establishment if the exterior of your business is unkempt and broken down. If you’re looking for a great way to refresh the curb appeal or add more value to the outside of your business, investing in asphalt paving is a great option.

Whether you’re considering other parking lot finishes or just aren’t sure what your next business improvement should be, here are seven reasons why asphalt is the best option for a business parking lot.  

Increased Property Value

Every business knows the value of increasing their bottom line. Investing in asphalt paving for your parking lot is a great way to increase your property value and pour even more back into your business. Asphalt contractors will complete your affordable parking lot with expertise and attention to detail, ensuring you get the most significant increase possible on your property value.


For businesses that love green options, asphalt paving is a great option. Asphalt can be reused and recycled, leading to less waste and more sustainability.


Asphalt can be used in a variety of ways, including both residential and commercial asphalt paving projects, as well as in larger projects like highways, flood control, and more. Asphalt sealcoating, asphalt patching, and asphalt repair capabilities only add to the versatility of utilizing asphalt for your business parking lot.


Commercial asphalt paving ensures you have the safest parking lot possible. Its excellent water drainage and smoothness of surface makes it less likely that customers will slip or trip in your parking lot, and this also discourages ice buildup in the winter and allows for better skid resistance.


Longevity is key when it comes to businesses and their investments. When you hire asphalt contractors to complete your commercial asphalt paving, they will likely offer maintenance plans to ensure your parking lot lasts as long as possible. When asphalt patching, commercial sealcoating, and asphalt repair are utilized as needed, the lifespan of your parking lot is extended.

Noise Reduction

Asphalt is considered “quiet pavement,” meaning that traffic volume is significantly decreased on its surface—some say up to 50%! It may not seem like much, but noise reduction outside a business can be incredibly important to the success of the business. Customers will feel more at ease inside your establishment, and your employees will have fewer distractions vying for their attention when the noise outside is minimized.

Quick Installation

We know you have a lot going on when you’re running a business, and you don’t want an investment or business improvement to take up too much of your time. Commercial asphalt paving can be done quickly and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, so you get to focus on what matters most in your business.

How Asphalt Maintenance and Repair Can Save You Money

The thought of doing a complete overhaul on an asphalt paving project can be overwhelming. Whether you’re looking to redo your driveway or need commercial asphalt paving for a parking lot or other commercial area, asphalt paving is a big job.

Just as with your car and home, doing regular maintenance and staying on top of repairs will help you save money and avoid costly expenses in the long run. Asphalt companies, like LSC Construction Services, can provide maintenance services and complete minor repairs to help you keep up the integrity of your asphalt and extend its lifespan. If you do need a complete repaving project done, we can help with that too, but we love to see our customers save money by utilizing our asphalt repair and maintenance services. Here are just a few ways you can save money by enlisting in our asphalt maintenance and repair services.

Increases Property Value

This applies whether you have a commercial or residential property. Your property’s value will increase significantly when you have a more appealing asphalt finish that has structural integrity. No one wants to purchase a property with a driveway or parking lot that has cracks, potholes, and uneven surfaces all over it. Let us provide asphalt repair, asphalt sealcoating, and asphalt patching to ensure your outdoor surface is strong and looks nice so that your property value increases.

Helps Avoid Complete Redo of Asphalt Paving

When you’re taking care of your asphalt surfaces, you help avoid having to completely redo the asphalt paving. Asphalt repair will help your current surfaces last longer and avoid more costly repairs, and asphalt contractors will help employ maintenance techniques that help you avoid having to repave your driveway or parking lot.

We Use Proven Techniques

Our years of experience as asphalt contractors has led to innovative techniques and proven methods that ensure long-lasting results. Asphalt sealcoating and asphalt patching are done with the utmost precision, leasing to a longer lifespan of the final product. We are more than happy to continue providing asphalt driveway repair, commercial sealcoating, and other asphalt repair jobs, but we are confident that our proven techniques and years of experience in the industry will minimize the number of repairs you need.
Not all asphalt paving companies are the same, but we are one you can trust. Get in touch with LSC Construction Services to learn how we can save you money through asphalt maintenance and repair services.


How Often Should I Re-Stripe My Parking Lot?

Re-striping your parking lot is an essential part of keeping up with your commercial investment, and from time to time, you simply have to get a paving company involved. Everyone that visits, from employees to customers, need to know where to park and how the traffic flows. When you restripe the parking lot, you help keep it safer for those that are driving and walking.

However, you may already know the importance of restriping your parking lot.

If that is the case, then the qLSC Construction Restripinguestion is, how often should I re-stripe my parking lot? To help you get a better idea of when you should contact a paving company for this service, are a few aspects to think about.

Consider How Much Traffic Drives on the Parking Lot

Traffic is going to be the primary reason that you need to re-stripe your parking lot. If your commercial property sees a lot of traffic coming and going, like a grocery store or shopping center, you’ll need to have this service done more often. But, if you have a small office building with people really only coming and leaving one or two times throughout the day when arriving and leaving work, then you may not require re-striping as often.

Factor in the Weather

The weather causes wear and tear on parking lots, and it can cause the striping to fade. If your location has seen severe storms or if the winter weather brought a lot of salt trucks to the roads and parking lots, you’ll notice the stripes fading. You don’t want to re-stripe the parking lot on your own because a paving company will be equipped with state of the art equipment that cleans and paints the area with straight and clearly visible lines.

Do a Visual Inspection

If you haven’t had your parking lot restriped in some time, or you can’t even remember the last time you had it done, take a moment to do a visual inspection. If you have looked at your parking lot every day, then you may not notice how faded the strips are. Ask someone that doesn’t see your parking lot often what they think to get a fresh perspective. Trust that by getting a paving company involved to paint the stripes, you’ll notice an improvement in your curb appeal, and so will everyone that uses the space.

What Can Be Done to Patch Asphalt?

Asphalt patching is a solution for many people that manage parking lots, roads, tennis courts, and more. When you have potholes, cracks, and other trouble spots in your asphalt, it’s important that you call in a professional company for paving services. Asphalt patching is one method that helps prevent major (and expensive) repairs from happening. If you need asphalt patching, reach out a to a paving company to complete the job.

Asphalt Patching Techniques

There are many blends and mixes that are used for asphalt patching. A professional will inspect the damage to the asphalt and then determine the strongest and most durable blend for the job. The extent of deterioration and damage is going to be the primary factor in this decision. There are many patching techniques that are applied to filling potholes and gaps in playgrounds and basketball courts as well as roads and parking lots. When applying a patching technique, the hole is filled with the material, binding it to the current asphalt.

The Different Types of Patching

Full-depth patching can be done to concrete and asphalt pavement. It doesn’t matter how thick the pavement surface area is, it is removed and patched. With deep patching, four inches or more are removed, and it is only applied to asphalt. However, both of these methods are completed to be permanent solutions. Thin surface patching is going to be temporary and will not go as deep as other techniques.

Why Patch Asphalt

There are many reasons that people want to keep their asphalt in good shape. Parking lots and roads are often the first impression people have your commercial property, and you want to make sure that you have excellent curb appeal. Plus, asphalt is a significant investment and when you don’t keep up with repairs and patching, the damage will only get worse and much more expensive.

While asphalt patching is an investment, know that it does save you money. If you have a parking lot, road, or park with potholes in it and cars hit those, you may have to pay for the damage. On top of that, you don’t want anyone to fall and injure themselves from a crack or hole that is in the asphalt. When you keep up with the wear and tear, you can prevent a lot of time and money spent.

3 Reasons to Repair Your Potholes

Potholes are a common issue that roads and parking lots have. Due to the expansion and contraction of water that gets under the pavement through the ground, generally during the snow and rain seasons, the pavement weakens. When a vehicle drives over that weak spot, a pothole is created. The best way to combat this issue is to schedule a pothole repair. You should never ignore potholes because they can wreak havoc on a parking lot and road, as well as cause a range of other problems. If you have potholes that need to be repaired, here are just a few of the reasons to call paving contractors to get the job done right away.

To Save Money (And Time!)

Potholes aren’t going to naturally fix themselves. When you let a pothole sit, it will only get worse and do more damage. Soon, instead of having a small pothole repaired by a commercial concrete paving company, you’ll have a much more expensive problem and have to fix a much larger area. Plus, if cars are damaged by the potholes, this cost may fall on you.

On top of saving money, you’ll also save time because a larger project such as replacing several yards of the parking lot is going to be a distraction for customers and employees. A small repair is quick and effective and should be done right away for best results.

To Enhance Your Curb Appeal

Your curb appeal makes the first impression on customers, and the parking lot is a big part of that. When customers see potholes and repairs that are needed, it can deter then from frequently visiting your location. A well-maintained parking lot is a welcoming sight, and you can enlist a commercial concrete paving company to ensure it stays attractive and in excellent condition.

To Keep the Roads and Parking Lots Safe

The safety of employees and customers should be a top priority. Keeping up with pothole repairs is the ideal way to keep your environment safe. While potholes can be dangerous for drivers to hit because of the jolt that your body is given and the unexpected shift it can cause the vehicle to make, it is also dangerous for people walking. It is easy to turn an ankle or fall when walking through a parking lot.

Get paving contractors involved to help you avoid and repair potholes, so your parking lot doesn’t crumble, but it looks fantastic for years to come.

When Is a Good Time to Seal a Crack in the Asphalt?

One of the most crucial maintenance jobs when it comes to your asphalt is sealing cracks. When asphalt crack repair isn’t maintained, it can get expensive because the damaged area only gets worse. The crack sealing primarily prevents water from using the opening of the crack to reach the underlying pavement. When water reaches the underlying pavement structure, it can cause even more damage, and instead of being able to complete a minor asphalt repair, you’ll need a major one.

The Best Time for Crack Sealing in Your Asphalt

Check to see if the asphalt is in fair to good condition on the road or parking lot because that is going to be the best time to do crack sealing. Keeping the water out of the pavement is one of the best ways to keep it in good condition, and crack sealing does that. It delays or altogether stops many of the distresses that can occur.

The Different Cracks That Need to Be Sealed

Cracks come in many sizes, and they occur due to a variety of factors. Weather, traffic, and other wear and tear actions that are taken on the road and parking lots all contribute to cracks. There are hairline cracks that are an eighth of an inch or less, and a fluid seal is used because the cracks are so tiny.

Then, there are small, medium, and large cracks that can occur. When these are filled, the season will be a contributing factor because cracks open and close based on the temperature. The ideal time to seal a crack is in the spring or fall when it is halfway open. In the summer it will be at its smallest opening because the pavement swells, and in the winter, it will be the reverse. By timing the crack sealing right, you can reduce the chance of the seal coming up when cars go over it.

The Reason to Go with Professional Asphalt Services

Most cracks need to be sealed, and it is important that you go with professionals for the asphalt services. They have the proper equipment and training to identify and seal each crack. Make sure you get asphalt crack repair at the first signs of trouble to prevent water from getting under the pavement can causing more damage to the parking lot or road.