3 Reasons to Get Asphalt Sealcoating

For many commercial business owners or multi-family residential communities, asphalt sealcoating might be one of the least considered line items on a property maintenance to-do list. It is easy to see why, but couldn’t be further from the right approach to projecting a reputable image to the outside world as they roll onto your property. The appearance of a newly sealcoated surface can promote ideas of safety, cleanliness, and general success. To hear about your sealcoating options in Minneapolis, MN, contact our team of professionals at LSC Construction Services, LLC. 

One of the worst first impressions many companies and communities make (albeit unknowingly) is allowing their asphalt to fall into disrepair. Weeds sprout up through cracks that should be repaired, the dark color of a fresh sealcoating has long faded, and the parking lines run together as they begin to match the overall color of the surface. None of these images suggest you’re putting your best foot forward. Your commercial asphalt paving contractors in Minneapolis, MN are here to assist you with this much-needed transformation. Here are three reasons to get sealcoating done today! 

The Overall Appearance of Your Asphalt Will Look Incredibly Sharp

The simplest reason is the boost to the appearance of your entire property that you will notice when you have your asphalt resealed. The “new” surface will shine and darken to create a bold impact. One expert tip from the asphalt maintenance, repair, and paving experts in Minneapolis, MN is to schedule this quick maintenance item around the time of a significant event in the life of your business, such as a grand opening or a sales event. 

You Will Save Money by Extending the Life of Your Asphalt 

Many people don’t realize that a proper sealcoating maintenance schedule can actually extend the life of your asphalt. You can delay the need to completely replace your lot, while still enjoying the benefits of a new look. Schedule one of these sealcoating treatments every few (3-5) years to keep your property in great shape. 

You Might Be Due for Maintenance

If you have noticed that you require repairs to your asphalt surface, schedule those first, so that your sealcoated asphalt will not only shine in color and sheen, but so that it will adhere to a flat and safe surface that is easy to walk and drive on, and doesn’t show significant signs of wear. 

No matter what the shape of your asphalt surface is or what your business does for your clients, a fresh sealcoating of your asphalt will have a positive impact on your business and the impression you make to your community. Call the commercial asphalt paving experts in Minneapolis, MN today to schedule a time for one of our experts to take a look!

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