5 Tips for a Long-Lasting Parking Lot

If your job entails managing property with parking lots in Minneapolis, MN, then you know how crazy the climate and traffic can be on those surfaces. If you are staring in dismay at potholes, or pooling after every storm, then following these 5 tips could help relieve at least one of your property managing headaches: 

1. Cleanup Debris or Spills Promptly

Excess dirt, branches, trash or spills should be cleared away as quickly as possible. These can create and widen tiny cracks, turning them into more significant damage. These types of debris can also strip the protective layer of sealcoat off the asphalt, making it increasingly vulnerable to damage in Minneapolis, MN.

2. Regular Sealcoating

Every 2-3 years, depending on how busy your parking lot is, you should schedule time in the late spring or summer to have your parking lot sealcoated. If the finish on the parking lot looks like it has faded, that is a telltale sign that sealcoating is needed. Regular sealcoating fills small cracks to prevent them from becoming larger and provides a necessary amount of climate protection for your parking lot in Minneapolis, MN. This will help it last longer and require fewer repairs.

3. Snowplow Damage

Once winter ends, inspect the surface of your parking lot. Even high-end snow removal crews may not be perfect during heavy snowstorms. Repairing these damaged areas quickly will prevent more expensive maintenance down the line.

4. Standing Water

It may not just be around drains and manhole covers. If you notice standing pools of water anywhere on the parking lot, there is likely a drainage problem that needs to be repaired. Water is one of the worst detractors to your parking lot; it can seep into small cracks and widen them, especially during winter’s freeze-thaw cycle in Minneapolis, MN.

5. Maintain the Paving Budget

Parking lot repairs with any luck will be a rare item in the budget, but make sure to keep funds at the ready, as a precaution; and always budget for normal maintenance. A poorly-maintained parking lot doesn’t just look unappealing but it can become a safety hazard for your property.


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