Asphalt Driveway Fall Maintenance Tips & Checklist

Fall is the best season for asphalt driveway maintenance because it arrives before winter, which is a time when major freezing and thawing occurs. Both freezing and thawing wreak havoc on asphalt driveways in Minneapolis, MN.   

Fall going into winter is a common time of freezing and thawing as temperatures fluctuate between above and below freezing temperatures. Water and moisture will seep into cracks and other openings. Once it freezes, the water turns into ice and expands, which will cause cracking and damage in asphalt driveways in Minneapolis, MN. As winter progresses and the snow starts to fall, these openings collect more and more moisture, eventually leading to more damage.  



Pressure Washing  

Consistent pressure washing of your asphalt driveway in Minneapolis, MN can remove debris and dirt from the surface. This keeps the debris from collecting and causing further erosion or fading in pits, cracks, holes and other vulnerable spots.  

Inspections & Evaluations 

A quick asphalt driveway inspection in fall can determine if your asphalt driveway requires any maintenance. An evaluation of the surface of your driveway or parking lot can also indicate how much water is pooling in certain areas, and how to fix this to prevent further damage.  

Water pooling is caused both by damage and natural wear-and-tear on asphalt driveways. Poor construction can also cause pooling because an asphalt driveway that is improperly built can create issues with water drainage.  

Unfortunately, if a drainage issue arises as a result of poor construction, it may be necessary to completely replace your asphalt driveway to fully fix the problem.  

The best time to perform an evaluation for water pooling is immediately after it rains. This is when water is most likely to pool and accurately reflect any damage or drainage issues.  

Crack Repair/Patching 

Fall is a time when the weather is favorable to you and your asphalt driveway in Minneapolis, MN. It is the best time to perform repairs on cracks in your asphalt driveway. The summer causes cracks to become smaller and come back together due to the hot weather. However, during the winter months, these cracks expand again. Crack repair during fall avoids these adverse weather conditions and becomes conducive to the longevity and overall health of your asphalt driveway in Minneapolis, MN.  

Sealcoating Asphalt Driveways  

Sealcoating is a simple way to maintain the integrity of your asphalt driveway’s surface. As the name suggests, sealcoating ‘seals’ the top of asphalt, forming an impermeable layer to protect from water damage.

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