Autumn Asphalt Maintenance Checklist

At the warmth of summer fades and ushers in the cool crispness of fall, you may be enjoying the shift in seasons, but your asphalt and paved surfaces can suffer from the shift in temperature. Whether you’re looking for residential services to care for your driveway, walkway, or patio, or if you need commercial asphalt maintenance to ensure your parking lots, tennis courts, basketball courts, highways, or roads are taken care of, LSC Construction Services can help. Check out our autumn asphalt maintenance checklist to be sure your asphalt surfaces are taken care of this fall.

General Asphalt Inspection

At the start of each season, it’s a good idea to inspect your asphalt to determine any repairs that may need to be done. Our general asphalt inspection will look for cracks, potholes, water issues, and more. We’ll discuss commercial asphalt maintenance and any other commercial services you may need as we enter into the colder months. Oftentimes, if we experience a particularly rainy summer or several very hot days with cooler nights, we’ll see more asphalt damage that needs to be taken care of before the coldest weather wreaks more havoc on your asphalt.

Water Pooling & Drainage Evaluation

With summer storms behind you and winter snows ahead, it’s best to evaluate water pooling and drainage issues before the cold weather comes in full force. Water issues can cause further problems in the health and look of your asphalt, so let our commercial services experts evaluate the pooling problems and drainage capabilities of your asphalt. 

Commercial Services Repair

Any commercial services that you need done on your asphalt should be done before the winter hits. Between patching cracks, filling pot holes, cleaning your asphalt, and more, our commercial asphalt maintenance and commercial services will keep your asphalt in the best shape possible.

Commercial Seal Coating Touch Up

Commercial seal coating is only as effective as the pavement it’s applied to. That’s why this is one of the last steps we take during our autumn commercial asphalt maintenance. Commercial seal coating protects the asphalt paving and helps it look great and function well for even longer.

Asphalt Paving & Grading

If your commercial asphalt needs include complete asphalt paving, whether for a new or existing commercial area, we can help. We can also perform grading to ensure proper drainage and effective asphalt surfaces.



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