How To Change Gravel Surface Into Asphalt Pavement In 5 Easy Steps


If you have experienced problems with gravel then switching to asphalt
pavement is the right choice. Converting your gravel driveway or parking lot
into asphalt pavement is a very clear process.

Step 1: Water Runoff Evaluation

Your experienced asphalt-paving contractor in Minneapolis, MN should
carefully examine the installation site and determine the grade that will be
needed for standard water runoff. Water is one of the biggest dangers to
asphalt pavement and managing it must be considered before any asphalt
paving installation.

Step 2: Foundation Installation
After the necessary standards for water runoff has been examined, the
foundation of your asphalt pavement will be laid. The foundation in
Minneapolis, MN is essential for two reasons:
● It provides a solid surface to support the asphalt pavement.
● It provides weathered barrier that will reduce winter damage caused
by cycles of freezing, thawing, and water damage.

The minimum thickness of the sub-base for most asphalt parking lots in
Minneapolis, MN is approximately 4 inches. The thickness of the sub-base is
usually determined by what the asphalt pavement surface’s use will be. A
normal driveway or parking lot for car and SUV traffic usually requires 4-6
inches of foundation. If your parking lot or driveway will be used by heavy
equipment like trailers or trucks, a deeper base is recommended.

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