Maintain Your Pavement Successfully

With all roads, parking lots, and sidewalks there comes a time when wear and tear start to creep up slowly as the years pass by.  For most, these are issues that are usually someone else’s problems:  your neighbor, the city, or just another place of business.  Unfortunately, if you have a parking lot for your business that you are responsible for, you may need to deal with pavement problems personally. If you need a commercial asphalt paving contractor in Minneapolis, MN, LSC Construction is here to help.

The Silent Killer: Water

Most businesses have a busy parking lot with a lot of traffic, which is a good problem to have.  However, more traffic means more weight driving over your pavement, causing wear and tear to affect your parking lot faster.  Even though heavy traffic does cause the asphalt to have cracks, gaps, or potholes, there is a more serious culprit causing the real damage: water. Asphalt paving in Minneapolis, MN, when done well, shouldn’t have issues with water right away. But once you have a few minor cracks, water can really worsen the problem quite quickly.

Water seems innocent enough, but it is one of the most destructive elements we know of.  Rain itself is not all that bad; it’s the standing water that you really need to worry about.  Standing water can cause serious damage to your asphalt as it can strip away its protective layer and eventually seep inside the pavement’s core, causing further damage to its structure.  As the pavement begins to create more and more cracks, more water is allowed to seep through, multiplying the problem.  During the winter, you have the added destruction of the water inside the cracks freezing, leading to more cracks and more problems.  We offer sealcoating in Minneapolis, MN regularly due to the harsh winters and problems with standing water, which can help your asphalt last longer.

Your Best Course of Action

Who knew a simple puddle could be so scary.  Besides the puddles forming around your parking lot, there are other things you can check for.  Are there any oil spots around your parking lot?  Do you have cracks and are those cracks where you notice the puddles forming?  If you do regularly notice puddles forming after rain, then it’s best to call in the professionals to get it checked out.  We can help seal those cracks or reapply a sealcoating for extra protection. We can also perform asphalt maintenance in Minneapolis, MN to minimize the need for future repairs.

Call the Professionals

Nobody wants to show up to a business and have to dodge cracks and potholes in the parking lot.  If you are having issues or concerns, give us a call for an assessment.  We can do asphalt repair in Minneapolis, MN, no matter how minor or severe your pavement issues are. Call the

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