More Tips for Protecting Your Asphalt in Winter

The harsh winter weather can wreak havoc on your asphalt this season.  The freeze & thaw cycle throughout the season can create pooling water that will affect the integrity of the asphalt surface.  Additionally, as water freezes, it expands, causing small potholes or cracks in asphalt surfaces that aren’t prepared for the cold. If not carefully maintained, you might find yourself in need of repairs during the spring or summer.  Thankfully, there are several ways to protect your asphalt from the winter weather.

Examine and Clean Asphalt Thoroughly Before Winter Weather

If you can, inspect your asphalt during the fall months to repair any small cracks or holes before winter so they don’t become larger problems during the freezing winter weather.  Cleaning your asphalt to remove debris before the first snow will help keep your asphalt from incurring damage.  If you don’t have time to clean it right, or need some small repairs, LSC provides asphalt maintenance in Shakopee, MN.

Shovel Often

Because water is what damages the asphalt, keeping your surface clear of snow and ice will prevent water from pooling once the ice and snow melt.  Be careful when shoveling snow that you don’t do further damage to any cracks or snags in the surface.  Shovel regularly to avoid accumulating water that leads to costly repairs.

Avoid Putting Down Salt

Many people will throw down salt on their surface to avoid snow accumulation.  But this might not be the right choice for those with asphalt surfaces. De-icers usually contain more than just salt.  Salt itself may not do damage to asphalt surfaces that have been properly installed and sealed, but harmful chemicals that are usually found along with salt in de-icers may cause damage.  So think carefully and do your research before applying any type of substance on your asphalt.

Prevent Pooling Water

Melting snow can cause pools of water to gather on your asphalt.  It is imperative for the integrity of your surface that you avoid pooling water at all costs as it can cause potholes to form.  If a pothole forms before you can get ahead of the winter weather, call LSC Construction, a highly recommended asphalt repair company in Shakopee, TX.  They can repair the damage before it gets worse.

Apply Sealcoating

Weather conditions will affect your asphalt surfaces over time.  The best solution for addressing the elements as well as the everyday wear and tear is to apply a sealcoating regularly.  It not only gives your asphalt a brand new look, but also protects it through the year.  For sealcoating in Shakopee, MN, turn to LSC Construction.  We can make your asphalt as good as new once again.

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