Pre-Winter Pavement Maintenance

Winter brings about cold, wet weather, which can be your pavement’s worst enemy.  This type of weather can lead to cracks or holes in the asphalt which will deteriorate over time.  But preventative maintenance is the best way to prep your pavement for winter to prevent damage.  It is recommended that homeowners schedule preventative asphalt maintenance in Minneapolis, MN before the cold, wet, and wind set in.  Make these maintenance repairs before winter to ensure your asphalt can withstand the upcoming winter months.

Patch Potholes

Any preexisting potholes are likely to get worse when winter weather rolls in.  Snow and potholes do not go together as snow can further damage asphalt surfaces, especially if there are potholes present. Asphalt repair in Minneapolis, MN is essential for patching potholes before it can lead to more expensive repairs.  Patch potholes now and save money on costly future repairs.

Pave Parking

Paving parking lots now, during the fall when temperatures are mild, keeps the cold from causing existing small cracks or holes to get bigger or wider.  Once the winter weather sets in, it’s more than likely too late to do anything in the way of asphalt repairs.  If you have been holding off on making repairs, now is the time.  Leaving it to chance will most likely lead to damage that will require costly repairs later on.  LSC Construction provides commercial asphalt paving in Minneapolis, MN so you can get a head start on addressing parking lot concerns before it becomes a problem that causes customer complaints.

Invest in Sealcoating

One of the first defenses against cracking and damage to asphalt surfaces is sealcoating.  A protective layer across the top of the asphalt surface goes a long way in providing necessary protection from the cold temperatures and wet weather.  Sealcoating in Minneapolis, MN can protect against the freeze-thaw cycle that often occurs in winter when water seeps into cracks, freezes, and causes cracks to expand.  Sealcoating also protects your asphalt surface from spills and keeps parking lots looking shiny and new. A commercial asphalt paving contractor in Minneapolis, MN will apply a layer of sealcoating to your asphalt surfaces for pre-winter maintenance that will keep parking lots and asphalt surfaces looking great and functioning optimally all season long.

If you are wanting to schedule pre-winter maintenance for your asphalt surfaces, LSC Construction can help.  Call to schedule your maintenance before it’s too late.

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