The Most Common Summertime Issues for Asphalt

1. Cracking

Summer heat can make asphalt brittle in Minneapolis, MN, which leads to cracks in pavement. Eventually minor cracks can turn into deeper fissures and in turn force you to seek more extensive repairs. Cracking also causes dirt and moisture to invade your driveway or parking lot, which leads to trouble in the sublayers of the pavement. Paving companies can repair cracks before they become serious and apply sealcoating to ensure the surface is more resistant to the elements in Minneapolis, MN.

2. Potholes

Cracking almost always leads to potholes, which can range from small holes to wide areas with missing or caved-in asphalt. Potholes are dangerous for you and your vehicle as they can cause injuries and vehicle damage if you do not notice them quickly. The heat weakens the surface of the pavement so even parking in the same area consistently can lead to less noticeable cave-ins that may turn into potholes over time. 

3. Tire Marks

The extreme heat temperatures in Minneapolis, MN cause softening in pavement and may leave permanent tire impressions on your asphalt. These tracks from vehicles worsen the look of your driveway or parking lot. Over time those areas may become further damaged as traffic continues to degrade them.

4. Faded Surface

If there’s sun, it means UV rays are constantly beating down on your pavement. Over time, your smooth black asphalt turns to a more dull gray color due to the damage caused by ultraviolet exposure. The longer your paving is left without protection in the form of sealcoating, the more cracks and potholes it will suffer from as the top layer of pavement becomes more brittle.


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