Drainage Catch Basins and Their Impact on Parking Lot Pavement

Drainage Catch Basins and Their Impact on Parking Lot Pavement

Water and pavement go together like oil and water.  Water can be extremely damaging to parking lots of pavements, especially if they aren’t well maintained. Asphalt maintenance in Minneapolis, MN is critical to keeping your parking lot looking as good as new. Because of the effects of water on parking lots, most parking lots today are equipped with drainage catch basins.  The parking lot is sloped towards catch basins in order to allow water a place to go.  It goes into the drain and then directly into storm drains to keep it from damaging parking lots so that your parking lot will remain in tip-top shape.  Without proper care, you could find yourself paying more for costly asphalt paving in Minneapolis, MN.  If you don’t have a drainage catch basin for your parking lots, consider the many benefits of installing a catch basin for preserving your parking lot.

Prevent Improper Drainage

Catch basins are usually found next to a road or parking lot curb so that they don’t interfere with pedestrian or vehicle traffic.  The goal of catch basins is to direct the flow of water after a heavy rain into the basin so that it doesn’t sit directly on the pavement.  Heavy rains and flooding, snow, or even ice on top of pavement can lead to significant damage if left to pool on pavements.  Thankfully, catch basins are built into the pavement and parking lots are sloped towards these basins to allow water to drain off of the parking lot.  If you are considering updating or installing a parking lot, you will want to make sure you install drainage catch basins as well.  LSC Construction Services offers commercial asphalt paving in Minneapolis, MN and can also install drainage catch basins to prevent improper drainage.

Easy to Repair

Sometimes the water may not be draining off of the parking lot as it should.  If this is the case, there could be a problem with the drainage catch basin.  If ice is building up or water is standing around the basin instead of draining, the first thing to look for is a clog.  Leaves and debris can get into the drain causing a clog that doesn’t allow water to get through.  If you aren’t equipped to unclog the drain yourself, contact commercial asphalt paving contractors in Minneapolis, MN who can take care of the problem for you.  Catching the problem early can help avoid needing asphalt repairs in Minneapolis, MN.  The earlier you can fix the problem, the better chance you have of fixing minor issues before they become large problems.  Sealcoating in Minneapolis, MN is also a great way to protect pavement and parking lots from water damage.  For the best protection for your commercial parking lot, be sure to not only invest in annual maintenance and sealcoating, but also a drainage catch basin.  A smaller expense up front is sure to save you in costly future repairs.  Contact LSC Construction Services for more information.

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