Winter Asphalt Maintenance Advice

Asphalt can make any driveway or parking lot look exceptionally nice, but it is also a costly investment.  Because of this investment, proper maintenance is required for longer lasting asphalt surfaces.  Follow the advice of professional commercial asphalt paving contractors in Minneapolis, MN for the best results.

Carefully & Quickly Remove Snow

Any form of water, whether it be snow or ice, can be damaging to asphalt surfaces.  After a fresh snowfall, be sure to promptly remove snow from asphalt surfaces to avoid cracks or potholes from forming.  Take care to remove snow properly as not carefully removing snow can cause damage.  Plastic shovels are recommended over metal shovels for removing snow because metal shovels can hurt an asphalt surface.  If you choose to have outside personnel remove snow from driveways or parking lots, be sure they are professionals who know how to treat asphalt surfaces.  Should you accidentally damage asphalt surfaces while removing snow or notice and damage after a heavy snowfall, contact LSC Construction Services for asphalt repair in Minneapolis, MN.

Fill Cracks and Apply Sealcoating

Water can fill even the tiniest crack.  The freezing cold winter can cause any water that gets into existing cracks to freeze.  Freezing water expands and can cause small cracks to become even larger cracks or possible potholes.  Before the cold of winter hits, fill any noticeable cracks and patch potholes to prevent further damage.  Not addressing these issues before winter could lead to costly repairs later on.  This necessary asphalt maintenance in Minneapolis, MN ensures your asphalt can withstand the winter weather.  Sealcoating in Minneapolis, MN before winter also adds an extra layer of protection. 

Use Safe Deicing Materials

Water isn’t the only thing that can harm asphalt surfaces.  Rock salt, a common deicing agent, is also damaging to porous asphalt surfaces.  Instead, opt for potassium chloride as a de-icing agent that won’t affect your asphalt surfaces.  There are other possible deicing options as well that won’t cause damage.  Know what you are using and be sure it is safe to use on asphalt surfaces.

Yearly asphalt maintenance is best to keep your asphalt surfaces in great shape in every season.  If it’s time to prepare your asphalt surfaces for winter, a professional commercial asphalt paving company in Minneapolis, MN can help.  For all your asphalt needs or for more information about asphalt paving in Minneapolis, MN, contact LSC Construction.

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